Jabiru Aircraft announced last week that it has developed an automatic mixture control for its engines.

Pipistrel has delivered the 1000th airframe from the Sinus/Virus family

RAAus has said that CASA is due to take the MTOW increase to public consultation in the middle of this year.

Handiflight aircraft arrived in Broome this week after a flight from Kupang in Indonesia.

Recreational Aviation Australia's strategy for the next five years envisages a pilot in every home.

RAAus has published a survey that shows the bulk of members support the organisation's push for increased MTOW and access to CTA.

KG Aviation will take on the agency for TL Ultralight aircraft in the northern states of Australia.

A group of RAAus members are trying to force a General Meeting of the organisation over the issue of the "Freedom to Fly" trademark

Pipistrel Aircraft this week introduced their virtual reality flight simulator for the Alpha training aircraft and the Alpha Electro.

Peter Harlowe from Foxbat Australia tackles the thorny issue of LSA maintenance.

Will RA-Aus get a weight increase to 760 KGs?

RAAus today launched their 2018 Member Survey, and is calling on all members to have their say.

RAAus has reported a surplus of $121,000 for the six months of the 2017-18 financial year.

Pipistrel will open a new manufacturing plant in China to manufacture the Alpha Electro and Panthera Hybrid aircraft, and develop a major aviation hub.

RAAus has urged the general aviation community to disregard rumours about Airventure Australia.

RAAus is focusing on Fitness to Fly for both pilot and aeroplane as the theme for National Safety Month.