Jim Norrie has become the new president of the Australian Helicopter Industry Association.

Bell Australia says that the Bell 525 Relentless is closing in on type certification.

Heliwest's Tim Hand this week delivered a speech outlining the most challenging issues facing the rotary aviation industry.

Airbus Helicopters today announced that CASA had approved the H160 for operations in Australia.

Extreme teetering in the main rotor has been identified as a contributing factor in the crash of an R22.

Two of Robinson Helicopter's senior management team will visit RotorTech this year.

Airbus Helicopters has flown the first prototype of their Racer experimental rotorcraft.

AAUS will bring their advanced air mobility summit to RotorTech.

Continental has announced the development of a new diesel engine for use in rotorcraft.

ATSB has warned pilots of Robinson helicopters to slow down in turbulence.

Ryan Aerospace delivered its 500th flight simulator to a customer last week.

The pilot of a Robinson R22 flew at night without training or instruments, resulting in a fatal crash.

A main KAflex drive shaft failure led to the fatal crash of UH-1H in Tasmania, according to an ATSB investigation report.

JP Thorbjornsen announces an around-the-world helicopter trip via the north and south poles.

AHIFF is set to announce seven new scholarships at RotorTech.

Leonardo has successfully flown an AW139 using 100% sustainable aviation fuel in both turbine engines.