• RAAus CEO Maxine Milera
    RAAus CEO Maxine Milera

Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) yesterday announced that they had appointed Maxine Milera as the permanent Chief Executive Officer of the organisation.

Milera, who had been Corporate Services Executive, has been filling in as acting CEO since Matt Bouttell departed RAAus earlier this year. She has been part of RAAus' management team for nearly 20 years.

Milera made the announcement herself in a communique sent to the RAAus membership.

"I'm thrilled to announce my appointment as RAAus' first female CEO, backed by unwavering support and enthusiasm," she said. "Together, we'll continue to evolve and meet the needs of our members, inspiring generations of aviators.

"As I reflect on our journey, I'm filled with pride and optimism for the future of recreational aviation. With a legacy built on passion and perseverance, I'm excited to continue to be a part of RAAus' journey ahead."

Milera also announced the impending retirement of long-time Head of Flight Operations Jill Bailey on 1 July this year, and the promotion of Assistant Head of Flight Operations Marty Peters into the top job.

One of Milera's first jobs as CEO has been to postpone the new Group G implementation that was expected to go ahead this coming Monday.

"Whilst we are still working to finalise internal preparation by this date, we believe that additional time will ensure that we have the ability to conduct final reviews on all changes, including internal training and process evaluation, whilst giving our Flight Training Schools sufficient time to plan for the upcoming changes.

"Our new implementation date will occur within quarter 2 of 2024, with an exact date to be confirmed, however, we anticipate that this will take place in May."

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