Several aviation companies including Tecnam and Rolls-Royce have joined forces to develop an all-electric short-haul aircraft.

CASA's handling of the Bristell LSA stall/spin issue has been referred to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

EASA has issued a type certificate for the Tecnam P Twenty-Ten TDi,

An ATSB investigation into the fatal crash of a twin-engined Angel 44 has found the accident occurred during a simulated engine failure after take-off.

Senator Susan McDonald took CASA to task in a senate estimates hearing in Canberra yesterday.

Australian Flying November-December 2020 is right here, right now!

The ATSB has issued a warning to helicopter pilots about the need for a quick response to low rotor speeds.

A Federal Government issues paper on the future of aviation in Australia has canvassed the option of giving more power over airports to state and local governments.

EASA this week issued a type certificate for the BRM Aero Bristell B23.

The Federal Government may be investigating ways to reduce the burden of aviation regulation.

RAAF air traffic controllers from Townsville have started a program of engagement with young and inexperienced pilots.

Victorian MLC Gordon Rich-Phillips has blamed the state Labor government for causing the shutdown of Melbourne's flight training industry.

SAAA has called for CASA to abandon the self-administration system and transfer all aircraft to the Australian civil register.

Garmin International yesterday announced they have introduced a new, slimline pilot watch to their range.

A united group of aviation companies has written to the Federal Government calling for financial support.

British company ZeroAvia last week successfully flew a Piper M-series aircraft converted to run on hydrogen electricity.