Utility Air has wasted no time in planning a demonstration tour after borders were re-opened.

Glen Buckley has accused three high-level CASA managers of misfeasance in his evidence to the senate inquiry.

Piston-engined aircraft have gone against a general downward spiral, recording a growth in shipments for Q3 2020.

AFAP has put itself forward for a seat on CASA's main advisory panel.

RRAT will hold public hearings for the inquiry into the general aviation industry at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday.

CASA today suspended their 2020 customer satisfaction survey.

Brumby Aircraft is set to tackle the growing STOL aircraft market with a new experimental category taildragger.

AOPA Australia announced this week that they have relocated their Bankstown office.

The Federal Government opened Round Two of the Regional Airports Program (RAP) earlier this week.

Professionals Australia has lashed out at CASA saying the regulator is in crisis because staff have lost faith in the leadership and the culture within Aviation House is in need of repair.

Several aviation companies including Tecnam and Rolls-Royce have joined forces to develop an all-electric short-haul aircraft.

CASA's handling of the Bristell LSA stall/spin issue has been referred to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

EASA has issued a type certificate for the Tecnam P Twenty-Ten TDi,

An ATSB investigation into the fatal crash of a twin-engined Angel 44 has found the accident occurred during a simulated engine failure after take-off.

Senator Susan McDonald took CASA to task in a senate estimates hearing in Canberra yesterday.

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