CASA today released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on the issue of low-level frequency use.

Both the FAA and EASA have approved the Garmin G5 electronic flight instrument for use in place of DG or HSI.

AAHOF held its annual induction dinner at its new home for the first time last Saturday night.

AOPA CEO Ben Morgan has praised CASA over the new medical standard to be introduced next year.

CASA will introduce a new aviation medical standard next year based on the Austroads commercial vehicle driver's standard.

Textron Aviation has announced a new clean-sheet twin turbo-prop utility aircraft to be named the Cessna 408 SkyCourier.

Shane Carmody today promised that CASA would resolve aviation medical reform by the end of 2017.

Chris Manning has said that the final report into the re-opened Norfolk Island ditching investigation had to address issues in the original report.

The ATSB has today released the much-awaited second investigation report into the Norfolk Island ditching in 2009.

Garmin has delivered its one-million certified avionics unit.

CASA has proposed to amend CASR Part 61 to allow for a 105-hour training syllabus for the commercial helicopter pilot licence.

An ATSB investigation report into a hard landing by an Airvan 8 has concluded that the pilot's response to an increasing sink rate was not correct.

AHIA has appointed Paul Tyrrell as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Bendigo, Tennant Creek and Coffs Harbour Airports have taken out prestigious awards at the AAA convention in Adelaide.

Essendon Airport was today re-named Essendon Fields Airport.