Australian Transport Safety Bureau yesterday warned IFR pilots about selecting an appropriate LSALT.

CASA's new suite of operating regulations officially began yesterday.

Daher has delivered the 300th Kodiak 100 single-engine turbo-prop utility.

Wings over Illawarra last week end was a triumph of determination over great odds.

There is a lot of expectancy riding on Bright Events to deliver a spectacular Wings over Illawarra for 2021.

Textron Aviation has conducted the first flight of the prototype Beechcraft Denali.

The ATSB today released the final investigation report into the fatal crash of a Cessna 210 on survey operations in 2019.

CubCrafters is mourning the loss of its founder Jim Richmond, who died on Sunday.

Cirrus Aircraft's delivery performance for the period July-September 2021 was the highlight of an otherwise flat third quarter .

AOPA Australia CEO Ben Morgan has accused CASA of playing games with general aviation.

Brisbane's Archerfield Airport last night was named Metropolitan Airport of the Year.

SFC last week commissioned the first of six Piper Archer TXs.

The RAAF's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is set to headline the flying display at Wings over Illawarra this year.

CASA has deferred making the Manual of Standards for CASR Part 103.

Embraer this week released details of a new family of concept aircraft.

Coffs Harbour GM has told Australian Flying that no decision has been made to close runway 10/28.