New Zealand manufacturer Vickers Aircraft has issued a call for new investors.

New RAAus CEO Maxine Milera saved her first media interview for Australian Flying.

RAAus has appointed Maxine Milera as the permanent CEO.

Pipistrel last week delivered the 100th example of the electricity-powered Velis Electro.

RAAus will be able to register aircraft with MTOWs in the 601-760 kg range after being issued with a modified Part 149 certificate. 

RAAus is aiming to be allowed to administer aircraft that comply fully with the new MOSAIC regulations.

Bader Aero plans to debut its E22 Spark electric aircraft at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

Tecnam's heart aeroplane, the P92, turned 30 this week.

RAAus yesterday published a new strategic plan covering the 2023-25 period.

RAAus will no longer head-up investigations into fatal accidents involving their members' aircraft.

RAAus has recorded a surplus of nearly $600,000 thanks to a revaluation of their Fyshwick headquarters.

Ivo Boscarol and daughter Taja have donated 25 million Euros to the Slovenian municipality of Ajdovščina

RAAus will increase membership fees from 1 July by 3.5%.

RAAus has called for members to approve changes to the constitution.

RAAus yesterday announced a range of measures aimed at supporting members impacted by floods.

Vickers Aircraft has run the engine in their prototype Wave amphibian for the first time.