Airbus Helicopters has flown the first prototype of their Racer experimental rotorcraft.

AAUS will bring their advanced air mobility summit to RotorTech.

Continental has announced the development of a new diesel engine for use in rotorcraft.

ATSB has warned pilots of Robinson helicopters to slow down in turbulence.

Ryan Aerospace delivered its 500th flight simulator to a customer last week.

The pilot of a Robinson R22 flew at night without training or instruments, resulting in a fatal crash.

A main KAflex drive shaft failure led to the fatal crash of UH-1H in Tasmania, according to an ATSB investigation report.

JP Thorbjornsen announces an around-the-world helicopter trip via the north and south poles.

AHIFF is set to announce seven new scholarships at RotorTech.

Leonardo has successfully flown an AW139 using 100% sustainable aviation fuel in both turbine engines.

Airbus Helicopters has completed a flight test of autonomous technology controlled by tablets.

The ATSB has determined a lack of fuel caused the engine on a Robinson R44 to stop moments before it crashed into terrain.

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ATSB this week issued a Safety Advisory Notice (SAN) about how to fit constant-wear lifejackets so they don't interfere with seatbelts.

CASA this week issued a statement denying claims made in the wake of a fatal Robinson R44.

The ATSB has issued a warning about situational awareness in confined spaces after the tail of an AW139 struck foliage.