The Last Minute Hitch

Part 61, F-35s, aviation pics, Living in the Age of Airplanes.

Optimism, ADS-B and Avalon

Gongs, ADS-B, SBAS, Avalon freebie and Matt Hall changes horses.

Medicals, Bandt, Cirrus and Cernan.

Jan-Feb2017, Dodgy ERSAs, TAAAF sounds off and a little recreation.

Vale John Glenn, what Dick did, what AOPA did and airports under the gun.

CASA and AOPA rattle sabres, whilst Greens push for a Bandt on MCTY flights, AOPA tackles Chester on ASICs and Tecnam's Sierra goes Gen II.

ADS-B deferral, no E for Avalon and airports get the focus.

ADS-B rollback, hall of fame and the ADF goes sim.

Controversy over no controversy, Cannane wants action, AAHOF and FunFlight.

Cirrus, PAC and Pipistrel make moves and Angel Flight needs you!

A GA study, goodbye Bob, Bankstown and the met.

ADS-B in the senate, AOPA on Bankstown, Met changes and RBAR limps home.

OzKosh, Class 2 medicals and Flightplan 2030.

OzKosh, drone survey, Matt Hall and Kenny Love!