The Last Minute Hitch

Icon, Fly'n for Fun and an event clash in Melbourne.

Fly'n for Fun, ADS-B rebates and some AAM kicks off.

Avalon, Ausfly and Textron's conundrum.

Ausfly, Mike Smith and Mike Smith

Ausfly, women in aviation and the RAAA.

GA Ready courses, digital towers and Airshows Downunder Shellharbour.

Airshows Downunder, shipments, CTA for RAAus, stepping down and best wishes for Stef.

AHIFF, Class 5 medical, bumper shipments and ASDU Shellharbour.

OzRunways, compensation for BK and AAHOF.

Class 5, metro airports, eVTOLs and Dawn-to-Dusk.

Rob Walker, Group G and honours for some.

2024, Class 5, WSA airspace and new CASA managers.

Group G, training pilots for GA and the AAPC awards.

CASR Part 149 and GA fleet renewal.

Fuel management, GippsAero is back home, SouthPAN and a subscription deal not to be missed.

Ausfly, Class 5, CTA for RAAus and thanks, Mr Walker.