• Pipistrel's Virus SW 121. (Pipistrel)
    Pipistrel's Virus SW 121. (Pipistrel)

Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel yesterday signed an agreement for the Virus SW LSA to be built in Hungary.

The deal with Genevation Aircraft is valued at 100 million Euro over 10 years, and involves Pipistrel transferring technology to Genevation.

The SW 121 was identified as the ideal fit for the future of Hungarian aviation, with Genevation stepping up with their interest to manufacture, market and provide after-sales support for select markets.

Genevation will set-up production and final assembly facilities for the Virus and components, and manufacture aircraft for several countries including Hungary, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel and Turkey, as well as former USSR republics and African nations.

Pipistrel Aircraft said the move was backed by the governments of both Hungary and Slovenia.

"The governments have ... affirmed that Hungary is willing to promote and strengthen the growth of its defence industry, creating new production capabilities, increasing the knowledge as well as innovative solutions; where at the same time  Slovenia is highly supporting the bilateral and regional industrial cooperation, especially in the industries where significant advanced experience and traditional products have already been achieved and can be further capitalised.

"We look forward to welcoming the opportunity which Hungarian produced Pipistrel aircraft will create."

Genevation Aircraft was established at Jakabszállás, Hungary, with the goal of adopting modern aerospace technologies and evolving into development and manufacture of aerospace, aviation and defense products. The company manufactures light sport aircraft, provides lightweight solutions and develops special UAV products.

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