• Flight Design's F2 LSA. (Flight Design)
    Flight Design's F2 LSA. (Flight Design)

German manufacturer Flight Design has introduced a new aircraft to conform to the new 600 kg rules implemented in Europe.

The F2 Light Sport Aircraft, which made its public debut at AERO 2019 in Friedrichshafen in April, is designed to comply with the new 600 kg UL class, the ASTM LSA class and in particular the new CS23. It has been developed for both VFR and IFR flight.

According to Flight Design, the F2 includes many improvements over the CT range the company has been building for nearly 30 years, and has been constructed to exacting standards.

“The aircraft, the structure and the aerodynamics were developed by the most highly experienced specialists," said Dieter Koehler Head of Design F2 Project. "Intensive use of computer simulations helped to focus on safety, handling and performance.

“Only the great cooperation of the international team has made the project possible with its very high requirements."

The F2 interior has been completely redesigned and the noise level reduced. A ballistic recovery system (parachute) and airbags are standard equipment. The instruments include Garmin avionics with ADS-B and autopilot. The powerplant is a Rotax 912iS.

“The F2 offers maximum space, comfort, performance and ease of flight, making it easy for less experienced pilots to fly,” said Tom Peghiny, President Flight Design USA.“The F2 is characterized by significantly simplified flight characteristics and improved flight performance. After test flights with the prototype the sense of space is simply incomparable."

Flight Design is expecting the F2 to be certified to the UL and ASTM standards first, with EASA certification to follow in the northern summer.

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