• Tecnam is now offering the P92 in composite construction. (Tecnam)
    Tecnam is now offering the P92 in composite construction. (Tecnam)

Tecnam has completely redesigned the high-wing P92 LSA using aspects of several other aircraft in its range as a way of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the company.

On display at AERO 2019 in Friedrichshafen this week, the P92 MKII mates the carbon-fibre construction from the P2008, the wing of the P92 Eaglet, the window shape of the Astore and the engine cowling of the Sierra MKII to create a whole new aeroplane.

The MKII comes with either a standard analogue cockpit, or Garmin G3X touchscreen technology integrated with one of many other Garmin avionic units.

Importantly, the P92 MKII has an MTOW of 600 kg in preparation for the new European ULM category.

"We are so excited to present this new P92," Tecnam CEO Paolo Pascale said. "It is our iconic trademark and we cannot discontinue it, but instead use this as an example to show the continuous drive for innovation at Tecnam."

Tecnam credits the P92 with sparking the company again in 1992. The Pascale family was considering ending manufacturing around that time, but was convinced to go on with an all-new high-wing two-seater. The P92 has been in production now for 27 years.

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