• RAAus headquarters in Fyshwick, ACT. (Steve Hitchen)
    RAAus headquarters in Fyshwick, ACT. (Steve Hitchen)

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) last week issued a Part 149 approval for Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) to take effect from 31 March 2021.

A Part 149 certificate is an approval for an organisation to operate under Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisation (ASAO) rules. Part 149 was designed to replace the raft of exemptions that previously allowed for some sectors of general aviation to self-administered.

"Part 149 simplifies the regulatory arrangements that have existed for many decades with sport and recreational aviation organisations through conditional exemptions from the standard aviation rules," RAAus stated in an announcement sent out last Friday. "CASR Part 149 brings more transparency, flexibility and certainty for the sector.

"RAAus has dedicated a large amount of time and resource over the past three years to prepare for the application and implementation of Part 149. Much of this work included the overhaul of many internal and external documents and policies to align with 149 requirements, and also standardising and consolidating RAAus’ processes and procedures.

"RAAus has worked with CASA to ensure that Part 149 results in no material change or financial impost for members. This means that most members will be able to continue to operate with no change to their daily operations. Part 149 provides assurance to members that RAAus’ processes and procedures are standardised and consistent, providing protection for both members and the organisation. It also further legitimises the framework under which we operate as an organisation."

The change will means that members will need to update their operations and technical manuals to new versions.

RAAus is only the second organisation to be approved under Part 149, with the Australian Parachute Federation (APF) leading the way in April last year.

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