• M600 airborne from Archerfield. (John Absolon)
    M600 airborne from Archerfield. (John Absolon)

Piper Aircraft announced this week that it would be offering factory options for flight in Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) airspace for its M500 and M600 turbo-props.

RVSM capability enables aircraft to flying in upper-level airspace, delivering fuel savings, greater range and the ability to fly above weather.

Piper will offer an AeroMech Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) as a factory option.

"Opening RVSM airspace for Piper M500 and M600 products is a great opportunity for our owners and operators to unleash the full capability of the aircraft and operate above weather up to FL300 with increased range," said Piper Aircraft Product Marketing Manager, Bryant Elliott.

"Using the AeroMech STC, we can deliver this performance upgrade prior to flyaway using Piper skilled technicians with no avionics changes.

"We appreciate our relationship with AeroMech and their commitment to supporting RVSM on our production aircraft as well as for legacy Meridian customers worldwide.”

Previously, the RVSM STC was available only post-production from specific avionics supplier, but now the factory-fit option will enable pilots to use the full performance of the turbo-props straight from the delivery flight.

“AeroMech is excited Piper has chosen our solution to open additional flight levels in RVSM airspace to new M500/M600 customers,” said Dave Doucette, AeroMech Vice President of Business Development. “We look forward to supporting RVSM factory deliveries going forward, as well as continuing to offer this performance upgrade to post production aircraft.”

RVSM airspace exists between FL290 and FL410, where separation standards are lowered from 2000 feet vertically to 1000 feet. Aircraft operating in RVSM must have two independent altitude measurement systems, an altitude alert system, an autopilot, a secondary surveillance transponder and the flight crew must be trained in RVSM flight procedures.

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