• Bye Aerospace's electric eFlyer 800. (Bye Aerospace)
    Bye Aerospace's electric eFlyer 800. (Bye Aerospace)

An eight-seat all-electric charter twin under development in Colorado was given a boost overnight when two fractional ownership operators signed on as launch customers.

The Bye Aerospace eFlyer 800, which is scheduled to enter service in 2025, is being developed as an FAR23 design powered by two Safran engines with quad-redundant battery packs. The manufacturers are aiming for a 500-nm range with IFR reserves, a normal cruise of 280 KTAS and a ceiling of 35,000 feet.

Bye Aerospace believes the aircraft will be able to fill the role of twin turbo-prop commuter and charter aircraft with almost no CO2 emissions and a lower operating cost.

Sister fractional ownership companies Jet Club in Europe and Jet It in the USA have both signed agreements to acquire the first certified eFlyer 800s.

"The remarkable economy and flight performance from the eFlyer 800 is ideal for Jet It, Jet Club and their customers," said George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. "The legacy aircraft in the air charter market have been solid performers, but those paving the way for aviation's future are demanding greater flexibility and cleaner, more efficient all-electric aircraft.

Safran and Bye Aerospace are developing the powertrain, which is expected to include two 500 kW electric motors with electricity distribution systems and network protection systems.

An airframe parachute, autoland, flight envelope protection, terrain avoidance and supplemental solar power are other systems under consideration for the eFlyer 800.

Bye Aerospace has also signed an agreement with L3Harris Technologies to develop a multi-mission platform based on the eFlyer 800.

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