• Cirrus SF50 G2+. (Cirrus Aircraft)
    Cirrus SF50 G2+. (Cirrus Aircraft)

Cirrus Aircraft yesterday unveiled the SF50 G2+ Vision jet, which features enhanced take-off performance thanks to an optimised thrust profile.

According to Cirrus, the dorsal-mounted Williams FJ33-5A turbofan has been optimised to produce 20% more power at take-off, which the company says opens up more airport options for operators.

In some cases, Cirrus believes the new performance can reduce take-off roll distances by up to 330 metres in some situations.

"The optimised performance joins the expanded flight envelope to FL310, launched with the G2 Vision Jet in 2019, offering enhanced performance to increase range, carry more and enjoy added reassurance in hot temperatures and high elevations – providing access to additional airports at popular destinations across the globe," a Cirrus press release states.

“The G2+ Vision Jet is the next step in continuing to transform personal aviation,” said Zean Nielsen, CEO at Cirrus Aircraft. “The enhancements to both the take-off performance capabilities in hot and high conditions and the InFlight WiFi connected passenger experience ensure that the Vision Jet continues to exceed the evolving needs of our owners, both present and future.

"This aircraft is one more revolutionary advance in personal aviation, made possible by the world-class team at Cirrus Aircraft.”

Williams' FJ33-5A turbofan produces 1846 lbf of thrust, which delivers a take-off roll of 620 metres and a climb rate of over 1600 fpm.

Cirrus expects to deliver the first of the new specification jet to customers next month.

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