It's here! Australian Flying May-June 2021 is now yours for the reading. Adormed with a very happy shot of the new Tecnam P92 Echo MkII, this issue covers the usual array of general aviation topics and presents great lessons, great entertainment and some valuable information. Here's the feature line-up.

Bridging the Gap
Owen Zupp tackles the controversial subject of CPL training  with EFIS or traditional clocks and the relevance to real-life flying employment.

Flight Test: Tecnam P92 Echo MkII
An old favourite has been given an almost complete facelift to create a versatile and desirable LSA. Steve Hitchen met the new P92 Echo MkII

RotorTech in the Green
RotorTech is looming large to cure the malaise that COVID inflicted on the rotary aviation industry in Australia. Steve Hitchen reports on the expo and conference being seen as critical to industry revival.

Management Tools
Steve Hitchen looks at Engine Management Systems (EMS) and how using them can transform the performance of your aeroplane and save maintenance hours.

Dragging Big Tails
A tailwheel endorsement will deliver a lesson in aircraft control, but as the aeroplane gets bigger, the challenges are multiplied. Tony Self looks at what it takes to tame a monster taildragger.

Five Tips for Success
Some flying schools make the grade, others find themselves struggling to attract and maintain customers. Paul Southwick asked the most successful schools to share their secrets.

Plus: Editorial, Airmail, News, Rotors, Products, Good Sports, Safety Matters, Down to Business, What Can We Learn, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

If it's not in your collection yet, bolt for the nearest decent newsagent and grab your copy off the shelf!

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