Australian Flying March-April 2017 is now printed and out on the streets. With the Avalon air show looming large we've produced a great issue that touches on many aspects of aviation right across the country. There's the Avalon air show review, a flight test, a comparison between a Jabiru and a Cessna, Jim Davis explains how he got fired on his first day at work and a load of other general, recreational and sport stories to make this one a keeper. If you're going to the newsagent, look for the stunning John Absolon shot of a Legend 600 on the cover.

Here's more about this issue.


Shelley Ross crosses our wide, brown continent again, this time with a mixture of safari veterans and first-timers in tow. It's a story of magnificent scenery and a how-to guide for conquering the Nullarbor.

The Tradition Continues

Avalon 2017 starts in a few days, and Steve Hitchen lays out the best of what's on to get you revved up ahead of Australian aviation's biggest week.

Airfield of Dreams

So they built it, and so they came! Lucianne van Gelder recounts the inspiring tale of the Clare Valley Airport and a group of go-getters who set out to build an airport from nothing but desire and dirt.

Flight Test: Aeropilot Legend 600

It looks like a Cessna, but the comparison ends there. The Aeropilot Legend 600 is a light-sport aircraft that turned a lot of heads at OzKosh, which prompted John Absolon to find out what this latest Czech-built beauty is all about.

The Little Two-seaters that Could

Is the Cessna 152 still the best two-seat aircraft available, or has it surrendered its crown to the modern LSAs? Steve Hitchen reports on a mid-air showdown that saw a Jabiru J160 challenge for the title.

Lessons from a Logbook

Is that all it takes? "Zim" Davis recounts an incident from the first days of his flying career that got him fired on his first day as a professional pilot.

How the Mighty Fell

How did the two largest names in general aviation spectacularly fail to successfully enter the LSA market? Paul Southwick did a lot of digging to come up with some answers.

A Study in Propulsion

Propellers are not all they seem. Or are they? More complex in nature than most pilot understand, propeller technology has changed so much over the last 100 years, yet so much has remained the same. Steve Hitchen explains.

And all the regulars like Airmail, News, Rotors, What Can We Learn, A Spot of Recreation, Good Sports, The Kernels of Wheatie and of course Hitch's editorial and Short Final.

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