The latest edition of Australian Flying is now available for your eyes! July-August 2021 is now on the newsagent shelfs and features some great material about all aspects of general aviation. You can't miss it; it's covered with a brilliant shot of a Tecnam P2010 TDi! Here's what you'll find inside.

Flying the Cadet
Paul Southwick visited Melbourne Helicopters to have a look at the two-seat R44 Cadet and the impact the aircraft is having on the training market.

Flight Test: Tecnam P2010 TDi
Tecnam has added a diesel engine to its P2010 four-seater to produce fuel economy that is likely to impress training organisations. Steve Hitchen added the P2010 TDi to his logbook and filed this report.

Styles Ahead of the Rest
Canards are a great idea that never really caught on. Angela at Avalon examines the history of the canard and met some aviators who swear by the concept.

In Search of Shangri-La
A pass through the Great Dividing Range? Steve Hitchen sets out to prove or disprove the concept of a safe passage through the Victorian high country from Lake Eildon to Lake Glenmaggie.

Lessons from a Logbook
Jim Davis confesses to some financial tomfoolery that led to encounters with memorable students who handed out lessons of their own.

Dealing with Your Hang-ups
Retractable gear works both ways, generally. There are times when the landing gear shows a reluctance to emerge from the wheel wells and pilots need to be ready for that. Paul Southwick went seeking advice.

Outstanding in its Field
Essendon Airport is a remarkable survival story that is now 100 years old. Roger Meyer and Phil Vabre look back on the aerodrome that used to be Melbourne's international gateway.

Plus: Editorial, Airmail, News, Rotors, Products, Good Sports, Safety Matters, Down to Business, What Can We Learn, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

If it's not yours already, go out and get it now!

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