An ATSB investigation report into a fatal helicopter crash near Woomera in 2019 identified ineffective post-training supervision.

AHIA CEO Paul Tyrrell has labeled RotorTech 2021 as one of the most important events in the history of the local helicopter industry.

Airbus Helicopters' H125 intermediate single was the most delivered turbine-powered helicopter for 2020.

CareFlight has become Australia's first operator of the Airbus H145 in HEMS configuration.

Robinson Helicopters this week introduced cockpit video cameras for all its models.

Leonardo's AW139 has made itself an emergency service favourite over 20 years of operation.

Bell's iconic workhorse helicopter, the Bell 412, has surpassed 40 years of service.

The ATSB has issued a warning to helicopter pilots about the need for a quick response to low rotor speeds.

Pipistrel is taking orders for its Nuuva autonomous cargo system.

Robinson delivered the 1000th R66 single-engined turbine helicopter in late July,

The WA Police Force has ordered one H145 helicopter, making it the first Australian customer to operate the five-bladed version of the H145.

AMDA Foundation today announced that it was deferring Rotortech until June 2021.

Airbus Helicopters announced last week that EASA had issued certification for a five-bladed version of the H145.

A Sydney entreprenuer has proposed building a helipad on the roof of the Sofitel Sydney.

The ATSB has issued a warning about unnecessary low flying in the wake of the fatal crash of a Robinson R22.