• Belmont Airport. (Google Earth Image)
    Belmont Airport. (Google Earth Image)

Resurrection of Belmont Airport in Newcastle is going ahead under the consortium the bought the property in May.

The airport had fallen into a state of disrepair since regional airline Aeropelican withdrew operations in 2006 and sold the property to Mirvac.

According to a report in the Newcastle Herald, the consortium has already spent $100,000 cleaning up the airport grounds, and there is still a lot of work to do yet.

The new owners, which include Matt Hall, Skydive the Beach, Airborne and Newcastle Helicopters, plan to transform the airport into a vibrant general aviation hub.

Plans are for engineering facilities for Matt Hall Racing and Newcastle Helicopters, adventure flights and sports aviation.

There have also been hints of a flight training facility for overseas students, a proposal that could prove a problem given the airport's proximity to housing.

Belmont is one of the few (if not the only) airports in Australia that have been returned to service having been bought by a development company.

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