Here's a trip-and-a-half if you're in the US! Despite the last Space Shuttle landing happening in 2011, the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) runway at Titusville, Florida, is still there and still used, but now for civilian traffic. It's over 4.5 km long and 91.4 m wide with 305 m of sealed over-runs, making it one of the largest runways in the world. Although it's still owned by NASA, SLF is leased to the state of Florida's Space Florida corporation. SLF is nick-named the Gator Tanning Facility because some of the 4000 alligators that live at Cape Canaveral like to sun themselves on the runway. Facing such a large runway in a GA plane, this pilot would have had quite a few illusions to deal with, but does a great job in getting down despite the extended float time.

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