The Last Minute Hitch

COVID, COVID, COVID, WOI and movements in Canberra.

Coronavirus, Bristells and airport leasing.

Katoomba, AGAA and Tyabb!

Sadness, electric Pipis, Bristells, ALACs and the new issue.

CASA structure, ADS-B for VFR and flying clubs abound.

Textron and Bombardier, swapping schools and GA is back at WOI.

Warnervale, Ausfly and gas plumes.

Avalon, Piaggio, LSAs and the tragedy of Thor.

Academies, spin training and smoke.

CASA realignment, reforms done, GAAN and the year that was.

GAAN, Inquiry Road, Airventure and MTOW feedback

Bill Bristow, maintenance regs and towers by remote control.

Flying academies, turbo-props and awarded airports.

Goodbye Flightpath, instructional issues, runways at Melbourne and what of Mooney?

Angel Flight, a rod for the ATSB's back, who we pay the big money and some thanks.