The Last Minute Hitch

Holes in the information, medical caution and Jeff Boyd.

It's all about consultation this week as small transport ops are dropped into the crucible.

Yarrawonga on the market, CASA needs Ockham's Razor and trading flight for life.

CASA goes on the defensive, training in the spotlight and some progress with airports.

Things about space, alliances, academies and Wings Awards.

Wagga's GA summit in the spotlight, Flight Examiners are covered and Airservices waives fees.

Basic Class 2, pre-summit jockeying and a warning on LSA maintenance.

Where's Qantas going? Ausfly's back, RAAus gets heavy, GAAG gets to work, Wings Awards and Mooney's on the lookout.

East Sale's Class G venture, Multicom again, fuelish notions and Kreisha at the helm.

Laywers, Forsyth and movements in-house.

On diplomacy, remoteness, Cirruses and industry events.

WOI's here, AGAA goes for consensus and who needs a 3-nm restriction?

Chopper crash, Multicom again, Dick in Wagga, AWAL is nervous, TAAAF and Matt Hall.

Autopilots, DAMEs and Warnervale.

AirVenture Australia, Multicom and AOPA's new office.