• TL Ultralights Sparker. (TL Ultralights)
    TL Ultralights Sparker. (TL Ultralights)

Czech manufacturer TL Ultralights has added a new low-wing retractable aircraft to their product range.

Called the Sparker, the aircraft was designed in response to the maximum take-off weight limit in the European ultralight category being raised to 600 kg.

"When we were permitted to raise the MTOW in the UL category, we knew we had to create something special," TL Ultralights has said. "Sparker is more than just a design re-certified to a higher take-off weight. Sparker has been completely designed from the ground up to accommodate this higher take-off weight.

"Besides the additional load, you’ll also enjoy both comfort and performance. We set out to create a comfortable, spacious aircraft with ideal flight characteristics, and we accomplished our goals."

The Sparker is an all-composite airframe powered by a Rotax 912 ULS or iS, giving a Vne of 181 KTAS and a maximum range of 756 nm.

The nosewheel is steerable and the flaps and trim are electric.

The panel is equipped with three Garmin G3X 250-mm touch screens with back-up clocks and control is via side-sticks.The two leather seats are heated.

With a standard basic empty weight of 350 kg, the Sparker has a useful load of 250 kg. The tanks hold 105 l and the baggage compartment can take 25 kg of bags.

"With Sparker, you'll have an elaborate and spacious cockpit," TL Ultralight believes. "You’ll enjoy the look and feel that this modern design offers. Forget the pre-flight dilemma, with how much luggage you will be able to take.

"Sparker has the largest luggage compartment in the UL category. And because the compartment is accessible through exterior doors, it‘s convenient. As a result, you can sit back and enjoy your journey."

The Sparker will sit alongside the TL3000 Sirius LSA, tandem retractable Stream and the TL2000 Sting S4 and Sting RG in the TL Ultralights range.

More information on the Sparker is on the TL Ultralights website.

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