• Australian Security Identification Card. (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development)
    Australian Security Identification Card. (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development)

Recreational Aviation Australia will no longer issue Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASIC) after a boardroom decision to stop.

RAAus was an Issuing Body for ASICs, but according to the organisation, the cost of complying with new regulations would be prohibitive.

"Recently the Government has introduced sweeping reforms to the ASIC system with changes coming into effect from 1 August 2017," an RAAus statement said.

"The outcome of this is that organisations such as RAAus are faced with additional financial pressures along with increasing the level of risk they are exposed to. It is our position that this level of risk is unacceptable to RAAus and that the use of member funds for this activity is no longer acceptable.

"It was also felt that RAAus has philosophical differences with some of the measures being introduced."

New ASIC regulations include in-person verification, which means the applicant must present identify documents to the Issuing Body in person. The documents cannot be posted to the Issuing Body any more.

RAAus and other Issung Bodies would also need to prepare new procedures to take into account this change and also the new types of identity papers to be required after 1 August.

Any RAAus member who lodges an ASIC application with RAAus before 31 July 2017 will have their ASIC processed, but applications received after this date will be returned to the member.

More information on the new ASIC requirements is available on the Department of Infrastructure and Transport website.

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