• RAAus says recreational flying is safer than it ever has been before. (Foxcon)
    RAAus says recreational flying is safer than it ever has been before. (Foxcon)

Recreational Aviation Australia will take part in a Safeskies seminar at the Australian International Airshow in March.

The seminar, which is scheduled for 0900-1200 on Thursday 2 March, will also feature speakers from Airservices Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force.

RAAus CEO Michael Linke will speak along with Safety Office Katie Jenkins, addressing the issue of Safety Management Systems and the human impact of fatal and serious accidents.

“RAAus is pleased to be taking part in Avalon 2017 and presenting as part of the Safeskies Seminar series," Linke told Australian Flying.

"In the last 30 months RAAus has worked tirelessly in improving our overall safety record using a combination of tools and strategies. Our seminar will focus on the key strategies we used to drive an improvement in our safety culture, which in turn has made RAAus safer than ever before.

"Anyone interested in improving organisational safety will benefit from attending this seminar.”

Safeskies is a promoter and educator of aviation safety, providing Australian operators and air crew with access to the world’s best researchers and practitioners in aviation safety.

The directors of Safeskies are aviation people with the experience and skills dedicated to making a contribution to aviation safety. Many of them are noted members of the aviation community and provide valuable insight into the sectors they represent.

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