• RAAus headquarters in Fyshwick, ACT. (Steve Hitchen)
    RAAus headquarters in Fyshwick, ACT. (Steve Hitchen)

Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) is now officially an Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisation (ASAO) with the organisation's CASR Part 149 certificate going live on 31 March.

RAAus is now an approved administrator for low-momentum ultralight aeroplanes, single-place and two-place aeroplanes and weight-shift controlled aeroplanes and powered parachutes.

"Part 149 simplifies the regulatory arrangements that have existed for many decades with sport and recreational aviation organisations through conditional exemptions from the standard aviation rules," an RAAus statement says.

"Much of this work included the overhaul of many internal and external documents and policies to align with 149 requirements, and also standardising and consolidating RAAus’ processes and procedures.

"Part 149 provides assurance to members that RAAus’ processes and procedures are standardised and consistent providing protection for both members and the organisation. It also further legitimises the framework under which we operate as an organisation."

The start of the Part 149 certificate has mandated changes to several aspects of the way RAAus operates, including modifications to the operations and technical manuals, and changes in procedures for pilots, instructors and maintainers.

Many of the changes are minor amendments to align the previous documents with the new ASAO requirements, but several operational requirements to do with training and qualification have been altered, which RAAus is encouraging all members to become familiar with.

A full list of all changes that now apply as well as updated copies of the new manuals, RAAus' Part 149 exposition and  has been posted on the RAAus website in the members-only section.

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