• An RAAus-registered KR-030 Topaz. (Steve Hitchen)
    An RAAus-registered KR-030 Topaz. (Steve Hitchen)

Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) this week opened their 2021 member survey for feedback.

The member survey collects information from members about the operation of RAAus as an Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisation (ASAO), the distributes the collective result to the membership base.

"RAAus takes its role as a leading player in the market very seriously," the ASAO says, "and we look forward to continuing to serve our members through continuous improvement and our passion for your privilege to fly.

"No identifying data is being collected and all data will be compiled into an aggregate form and used by RAAus only. Aggregate results will be shared with members."

The survey covers several areas of recreational aviation, including:

  • governance
  • services
  • technical/aircraft
  • safety
  • operations
  • COVID-19.

The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and is open now via Survey Monkey on the link below.

RAAus 2021 Member Survey

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