• Pipistrel is celebrating delivering the 100th Velis Electro. (Pipistrel)
    Pipistrel is celebrating delivering the 100th Velis Electro. (Pipistrel)

Textron subsidiary Pipistrel Aircraft last week delivered the 100th example of the electricity-powered Velis Electro two-seat trainer.

The Velis Electro is a classic Velis airframe fitted with a 57.6-kW Pipistrel E-811 electric motor drawing from two batteries totaling 20 kWh. The Slovenian manufacturer markets the aircraft as a cost-effective flight trainer for short-duration lessons.

“The Velis Electro leads the journey towards more sustainable flight solutions, and the entry into service of S/N 100 is a notable achievement,” said Gabriel Massey, President and Managing Director of Pipistrel.

“Powered by over 15 years of expertise in electric flight, this aircraft brings a more environmentally-friendly option to flight schools with unbeatable cost-efficiency.”

Serial number 100 was delivered to Green Aerolease, a French sustainable aircraft rental business with ambitions to accelerate the environmental transition of the aviation industry across Europe.

The Velis Electro was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in 2020 followed by several other regulatory agencies. The aircraft is currently in service in over 30 countries worldwide.

Local agent, Perth company FlyOnE, has placed the larger Pipistrel Alpha Electro II in some training roles across Australia.

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