• A cadet using a 360 headset. (GoFly)
    A cadet using a 360 headset. (GoFly)

Caloundra flying school GoFly has pioneered innovative 360-degree online flight training.

Using new technology such as 360-degree video cameras and interactive headsets, GoFly teaches students their pre-flight and in-flight lessons before they even sit in an aeroplane.

According to GoFly, this enables new students to familiarise themselves with such things as the plane instruments and controls, how to climb and descend, turn, issue radio commands, take off and land.

Owner and Chief Flight Instructor at GoFly Aviation, Damien Wills, said the technology is more inline with today's youth than traditional teaching methods.

"Today’s young pilots have grown up with video games, iPads and Virtual Reality technology in their homes," Wills said. "They respond to interactive technologies more so than textbooks and classroom training. I decided to create the world’s first online 360 degree lessons to save myself from repeating the same lessons over and over, and to also save our pilots time and money by cutting down on the hours of actual flight training required."

By watching the lessons in 360-degree video using a headset, the student can simply turn their head to see what’s to the left of the plane, what’s to the right and above, as the instructor narrates the lesson.

The first 360-degree lesson is currently available online for viewing through a personal computer or tablet device.

GoFly 360-degree Lesson 1


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