• Handiflight's CTLS passes Browse Island, 180 km north west of Broome. (Handiflight)
    Handiflight's CTLS passes Browse Island, 180 km north west of Broome. (Handiflight)

Handiflight aircraft arrived in Broome this week after a flight from Kupang in Indonesia, which took six hours and 30 minutes.

Handiflight is a program for handicapped pilots to fly specially modified Flight Design CTLS aircraft around the world. Two CTLS, accompanied by a Piper Comanche chase plane, left Switzerland in November and traveled through Italy, Greece, the Middle East, the sub-continent, Thailand and Indonesia on their way to Australia.

Tragically, the flight has been delayed following the crash of one of the two aircraft on arrival at Bang Phra in Thailand, which resulted in the death of South African pilot Mike Lomberg. The aircraft veered left on very short final and impacted the ground.

After consideration, Handiflight organisers decided to press on to Australia with the one remaining aircraft.

From Broome, the original itinerary was to go down through Western Australia, across the Nullarbor and up to Uluru, over to the eastern seaboard including VIC, NSW and QLD before departing for NZ via Lord Howe Island. However, following the tragedy, organisers have committed only to continue to Perth, where they will make further decisions about the flight.

More information and aircraft tracking is on the Handiflight website.


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