• The double-storey aircraft carousel at MAJ Aviation in Singapore. (MAJ Aviation)
    The double-storey aircraft carousel at MAJ Aviation in Singapore. (MAJ Aviation)

A double-storey aircraft carousel installed at Seletar Airport in Singapore has proved the solution to aircraft storage issues.

In a world-first, the carousel designed by German firm Schaetz Design and Construction for MAJ Aviation holds 14 aircraft in a space of only 400 square metres.

The carousel works like a large Lazy Susan, requiring only 90 seconds to remove any aircraft from either level.

A hydraulic lift moves the aircraft 7 m vertically back and forth between the mezzanine and the ground level. The carousel is easily operated by only one operator from a video controlled switchboard, which enables the operator to move the carousel precisely to the centre of the hangar opening.

Singapore's ongoing space issues, and the philosophy of building upward not outward drove Schaetz Design to develop the concept especially for MAJ.

“How can we maximize the aircraft parking facilities at the Seletar Airport with a limited plot of land and reduce costs in the daily operation?” was the question posed to Director Florian Schaetz. "This question led to a very innovative and functional solution to increase parking capacity through vertically stacking the aircraft. The system is designed to double parking capacity while occupying the same land area.

“The system is very straightforward and easy to maintain. Our design and construction success is attributable to the reduction in the cost of material, land, operations and maintenance while maximizing the use of the material to full functional capacity."

GA aircraft, business jets and helicopters with a wingspan no greater than 14.5 m and a MTOW of 3500 kg all fit into the carousel.

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