• The Bell 429. (Bell Helicopter)
    The Bell 429. (Bell Helicopter)

Hawker Pacific has added the Bell 429 Helicopter to its Bell Helicopter Customer Service Facility (CSF) at Bankstown Airport.

Following approval from the US rotary wing manufacturer, from its Bankstown facility Hawker Pacific’s will provide maintenance and support for the growing number of Bell 429s in the region. The regional Bell representative is now investing in factory training, specialist tooling, and spare parts to provide a world-class service to Bell 429 owners/operators.

“Our Bankstown Airport CSF already maintains and supports a number of Bell owners and operators, including new aircraft under warranty right through to a large number of earlier models,” Hawker Pacific Senior Vice President Australia and New Zealand Operations/Special Programs, Doug Park, said. “This support also includes the assembly and customisation of new aircraft.

“The 429 is the first helicopter of its type using the MSG 3 principles, which will flow through to a lower cost of support. It is great to see it being delivered to operators in the area and, based on current demand, it will be a significant product in the region.”

Currently there is one Bell 429 in service in New Zealand, with another to be delivered to a corporate client in Sydney  in December. A further three 429s for the Royal Australian Navy RMI 2 program are scheduled to be delivered in 2012.
Bell 429 interior
CAPTION: The interior of the Bell 429. (Bell Helicopter)

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