• The GA8 Airvan that circumnavigated the globe on display at the Avalon Airshow last week.
    The GA8 Airvan that circumnavigated the globe on display at the Avalon Airshow last week.

GippsAero has announced it is on schedule to deliver its first GA10 turboprop in 2013.

Speaking at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon this week, the La Trobe-based GA aircraft manufacturer said developments of the new GA10 turboprop utility aircraft are proceeding swiftly and according to plan.

The GA10 Turbo-prop is a whole new FAR 23 certified type, powered by a Rolls Royce 250 B17F2 engine. The GA10 will be a 10-seat aircraft based on the popular GA8 Airvan, which has been extremely successful both in Australia and overseas. The GA10 has been engineered to emulate the GA8 design as a low cost platform with added carrying and capacity and added potential for aircraft operators.

The project is currently in the prototype design phase, and it is expected that the first metal parts can be cut at end of this month. Avionics, air intake filter, STOL kit and auto pilot options will be developed concurrently.

“Using the latest design and analysis tools, we’re able to work in a concurrent way to develop components and produce an efficient integrated design,” Engineering Manager Gerhard Jordaan said. “Our goal is to retain the successful GA8 design and to use current production parts to provide a strong support solution across the globe.”

Investment from Indian parent company Mahindra Aerospace is also on track and in line with the planned progression of the project. Based on current projections, the first prototype of the GA10 is scheduled to fly in October of this year, with certification activity to continue throughout 2012 for a target launch date in 2013.

GippsAero expects to debut the GA10 at the 2013 Australian International Airshow.

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