• Garmin's new G3X Touch EFIS for experimental aircraft. (Garmin)
    Garmin's new G3X Touch EFIS for experimental aircraft. (Garmin)

Garmin has introduced a new touch-screen EFIS system for experimental aircraft.

The company announced the G3X Touch today and will have it on public display at Oshkosh next week.

The 7-inch G3X Touch display features a high-resolution, infrared touch-screen display. Pilots who also want multiple displays now have the option of installing up to three displays, using any combination of 10.6-inch or 7-inch G3X Touch screens.

When paired with the 10.6-inch display, the 7-inch G3X Touch system can serve as a dedicated display for a variety of features including traffic, full-screen moving map, geo-referenced charts, engine information and even serve as a back-up primary flight display (PFD).

Garmin will run a series of seminars at Oshkosh in the Garmin Seminar tent outside Hangar D, and will have the new system on display inside Hangar D.

The G3X system was first installed in an aircraft as part of the Cubcrafters' Executive Glass panel.

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