FRIDAY FLYING VIDEO: Spacewalker II-RR landing - bird's-eye view

An awesome bird's-eye view of Martin Hone landing his Spacewalker II-RR recently in southeast Queensland.

Martin shot this video by mounting a wide-angle video camera on the leading edge of the aircraft's left wing. Aimed just forward of the cockpit, the camera gives viewers the perfect view of the Spacewalker's impressive Rotec radial engine.


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Burt Rutan awarded Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy

One of legendary American aerospace designer Burt Rutan's lesser known works, the NASA AD-1 was built to test NASA engineer Robert Jones' oblique wing concept that promised both good low speed handling qualities and low drag at high speed. Image courtesy NASA.

Burt Rutan has added the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy to his list of accomplishments in a life spent designing original aircraft.