The latest issue of Australia’s best dedicated warbird magazine Flightpath is out! Featuring the B-25 Mitchell and the Reno Air Races, this issue contains also the great news about Australia’s second airworthy CAC Avon Sabre and the RAAF Museum’s Boxkite replica.

Gracing the cover is the substantially modified, Lewis Air Racing's 232, the world’s fastest Sea Fury, flown by Robert 'Hoot' Gibson at the 50th Reno National Air Races.

And inside you’ll find:

*Race 232

Lewis Air Racing’s '232'  holds the title of the world’s fastest Sea Fury. This year things were different!

*A very worthwhile invitation

An invitation to Antique Aero’s barbecue at Paso Robles, California is a “hot ticket”. Frank B Mormillo takes us along.

*Lyon by name

Orange County's finest aviation museum is also one of California’s best kept secrets. Editor Rob Fox showcases the Lyon Air Museum, on John Wayne Airport.

*New South Wales wrecks

In the sixties, New South Wales had its share of aircraft wrecks. Neil Follett takes a look back.

*Commerce destroyer

The B-25 Mitchell strafer was modified to a degree previously unimagined, and assigned to a role for which it had not been designed. By South Pacific Correspondent Michael J. Claringbould.

*Lyon's guardian of freedom

Frank B. Mormillo takes a detailed look at the magnificent, polished B-25J  Mitchell "Guardian of Freedom" displayed and flown by the Lyon Air Museum

*Special attack unit

Michael J. Claringbould details the daring Japanese remodelling of the Mitsubishi Ki-46 'Dinah'.

*The Magnificent Mitchell

Contributing Editor James Kightly  looks at one of the great aircraft of history, the B-25 Mitchell.

*Australian Interwar Civil Aviation

Len Dobbin’s career spanned 45 years from 1926 to 1971. Today The Len Dobbin Collection is held by the Civil Aviation Historical Society Victoria and they present here a few select photographs.

*Racing Sea Furys

Contributing Editor James Kightly presents a photo-feature of the Hawker Sea Fury's remarkable career as a racer.

*The 50th Reno

The National Championship Air Races were held at Reno-Stead Field, and Roger Cain was there and reports on the event and the exciting Gold Race.

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