• Community service flights are currently classified as private operations.
    Community service flights are currently classified as private operations.

CASA has released a statement denying that community service flights are under threat from proposed regulation.

The safety regulator released a discussion paper last month covering options for increased oversight of operations such as Angel Flight and Little Wings.

An outcry that CASA's preferred option would see the end of community service flights prompted the regulator to release a denial this week.

"The Civil Aviation Safety Authority rejects claims it is moving to shutdown community service flights," said the statement.

"CASA recognises the importance of community service flights such as Angel Flight to rural and regional Australia. However, CASA makes no apologies for canvassing issues that relate to the safety of community service flights.

"It is CASA’s role to continually look for ways to manage aviation safety in the most effective manner. It is this commitment that has helped to ensure Australia’s proud aviation safety record is maintained and improved."

The statement goes on to say that CASA believes that conducting community service flights as private operations does "not take into account the special characteristics of these operations."

Public comments for the Discussion Paper close on 10 October.

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