• Jabiru J230
    Jabiru J230

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority on Saturday released a modified series of restrictions on Jabiru engine operations.

CASA intially proposed the restrictions in November after a series of engine failures that it says present a "high, and increasing, rate of engine failures among aircraft that are powered by engines manufactured by, or under licence from, Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd."

The limitations proposed included being unable to use Jabiru-powered aircraft in training or to carry passengers. That has been modified to allow those operations provided the students and passengers sign a statement to say they are aware of the dangers of engine failure.

In announcing the limitations, which are yet to be officially enforced, CASA said:

"CASA consulted with the aviation community on the Jabiru limitations, receiving more than 630 comments. Many pilots expressed the right to accept the risk of engine power loss and argued that this should be extended to passengers and trainee pilots.

"CASA revised the proposed limitations after taking account of the consultation comments and other relevant information, and considers the limitations will appropriately manage the safety risks."

The limitations will:

  • Restrict flights to day time under the visual flight rules
  • Require aircraft to be flown so they can at all times glide clear of a populous area
  • Require passengers and trainee pilots flying solo to sign a statement saying they are aware of and accept the risk of an engine failure
  • Require trainee pilots to have recently and successfully completed engine failure exercises before solo flights.

The limitations have yet to be registered with the Australian Government Office of Parliamentary Counsel, and will not be officially enforced until they are.

When the restrictions become effective they will apply not only to the thousands of Jabiru Aircraft registered with Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus), but also the approximately 70 aircraft on the CASA civil register.

It is thought about another 30 amateur-built VH-registered aircraft are also Jabiru-powered.

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