• A Jabiru J160 registered with RA-Aus. (Steve Hitchen)
    A Jabiru J160 registered with RA-Aus. (Steve Hitchen)

CASA will introduce new oversight measures to cope with the challenge of increased activity in recreational aviation.

In the Corporate Plan released last week, CASA outlined a series of new measures that will mean greater involvement with Recreational Aviation Administration Organisations (RAAO) such as RA-Aus, the Gliding Federation of Australia and the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia.

According to the Corporate Plan, CASA has identified recreational aviation as a key challenge, and will introduce modern regulations, have an increased presence at sport and recreational events such as air shows, and help RAAOs with enforcement action on non-compliant operators.

Specifically, CASA intends to:

  • introduce an Approved Organisations Model under Part 149
  • increase presence at events
  • conduct surveillance of RAAOs based on risk
  • conduct both scheduled and unscheduled surveillance on RAAOs
  • increased audits of LSA manufacturers and importers
  • centralise model aircraft display and approvals to standardise
  • conduct assessment and oversight of sport aviation delegates
  • implement safety campaigns

RA-Aus CEO Michael Linke said his organisation already had procedures in place to make sure members operated at a high level of safety.

"Recreational Aviation Australia works very hard with members to ensure compliance and safety assurances are provided to CASA," he told Australian Flying.

"At a recent routine audit, CASA found Recreational Aviation Australia to be operating in accordance with our obligations. We have confidence in our members and we have in place the necessary processes to ensure continued safe operation of aircraft, pilots and maintainers within our organisation."

CASA has also said it intends to increase the number of staff committed to overseeing RAAOs and recreational operations.


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