• Rex SAAB 340 at Sydney. (Norbert Genci/Regional Express)
    Rex SAAB 340 at Sydney. (Norbert Genci/Regional Express)

Regional airline Rex has issued a press release praising CASA for its directive relating to the development of risk-based and cost-effective safety regulations.

In the directive, Director of Aviation Safety Mark Skidmore stated CASA’s commitment to ensure that regulatory changes are "justified on the basis of safety risk and do not impose unnecessary costs or unnecessarily hinder participation in aviation and its capacity for growth."

“The Directive issued under the new CASA Chair Jeff Boyd and CEO Mark Skidmore is a breath of fresh air," said Rex Chief Operating Officer Neville Howell, "and provides reason to believe that the aviation industry can now start to recover from the severe damage inflicted over the last six years by the previous CASA administration which was the focus of the Government’s Aviation Safety Regulation Review.”

“This new direction and regime is strongly supported by Rex as, among other things, it makes it clear that aviation safety regulations must ‘be shown to be necessary’ and ‘address known or likely safety risks’ and that ‘every proposed regulation must be assessed against the contribution it will make to aviation safety."

Howell concluded by saying that Rex looked forward to working with CASA to achieve a safer aviation environment through regulatory reforms that are "grounded on rational and evidence-based policies.”


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