• The Breitling Wingwalkers usually perform as a duo. (Breitling)
    The Breitling Wingwalkers usually perform as a duo. (Breitling)

The Breitling Wingwalkers are unlikely to perform as a duo at the public days of the Australian International Airshow due to a technical issue with one aircraft.

Yesterday, the pilot of one of the Boeing Stearmans had to make a precautionary landing in the grass on the west side of Avalon airport when a problem was detected.

Today, the team issued a statement to say that one of the aircraft has had to be taken out of the air.

"Safety remains our number one priority, and any suspected technical issues need to be fully investigated before we can put the aircraft back into service," said pilot Martyn Carrington.

"Unfortunately time is just not on our side, and it is unlikely we will be able to conclude our investigations before the close of the airshow on Sunday. This means the team will not perform as a duo for the remainder of the Airshow.

"While this is a great shame for the team, who have travelled so far to perform in Australian skies, we are still very confident that the crowds attending the Airshow over the next few days will be able to cheer along the girls and the pilots, even if we only perform with one aircraft, the whole team will be here on the ground to meet and greet the visitors."

The aircraft involved in the precautionary landing was carrying wingwalker Freya Pattison, who was brought down from the wing before the aircraft touched down.

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