• Dr Bill Schofield. (Department of Defence)
    Dr Bill Schofield. (Department of Defence)

Three Australian aviation luminaries will be recognised with major awards at next year's International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences Congress in Brisbane.

The International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS), an international, non-government, non-profit scientific organisation working to advance knowledge and facilitate collaboration in aeronautics, will recognise Dr Bill Schofield, Dr Allan Paull and Professor Michael Smart at its 2012 Congress, to be held in Brisbane from September 23-28 2012.

Dr Bill Schofield will be recognised with the ICAS Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Memorial Lecture Award.

Dr Allan Paull of the Defence Science & Technology Organisation and Professor Michael Smart of the University of Queensland will share the ICAS von Karman Award for International Cooperation in Aeronautics with two others.

The 28th ICAS Congress is being hosted by the Australian arm of the Royal Aeronautical Society under the leadership of President Andrew Drysdale, in conjunction with Engineers Australia.

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