• Aspen's new angle-of-attack indicator. (Aspen)
    Aspen's new angle-of-attack indicator. (Aspen)

Aspen has introduced an integrated angle-of-attack (AOA) indicator to its Evolution range of avionics.

An AOA indicator - also known as a lift reserve indicator - shows the margin the wing has before it stalls using a colour-coded display.

Whereas most AOA indicators are separate instruments, Aspen's is integrated with the primary flight display (PFD) or the multi function display (MFD).

"The FAA is aggressively promoting the use of AOA-based systems to reduce general aviation accidents caused by loss of control,” said Perri Coyne, Aspen Director, Marketing Operations.

”We are offering a software-based derived angle of attack function that provides real-time stall margin awareness without hardware, cabling or aircraft modifications. The aircraft modification consists of a simple software upgrade to the Aspen primary and multi-function flight displays and requires a short calibration flight as part of the return to service."

Aspen’s AOA indicator calculates angle of attack from the flight envelope data received from the air data computer and attitude heading reference system (AHRS) integrated in the PFD or MFD, and a certified GPS. It requires no new hardware or external sensors to be installed.

Aspen believes the one of the great strengths of its AOA indicator is that it can be displayed in the pilot's normal field of view, rather than on a separate instrument.

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