• An Air Traffic Controller on duty at Mackay. (Airservices Australia)
    An Air Traffic Controller on duty at Mackay. (Airservices Australia)

Airservices Australia has released details of a new charging proposal that will see fees rise by 3.3% every year for the next five years.

According to Airservices, the increases will "deliver safety and flight efficiency improvements and jointly procure a replacement air traffic management system with the Department of Defence to meet future aviation traffic growth."

Airservices Acting Chief Financial Officer, Paul Logan, said the proposal equated to a total real increase of less than 3% over the five years.

“This follows real price reductions of 20% since the commencement of the first long term pricing agreement in 2005. Importantly for our customers, the proposal will provide them with price certainty in a dynamic environment through to 2021,” Logan said.

“As we prepare for our future air traffic management system, we need to continue to deliver to our customers and the industry tangible benefits; that of enhanced safety, improved operational efficiencies, reduced fuel costs and improved gate-to-gate performance."

Tower charges at Class D airports in capital cities will increase to $15.75 rising to $18.08 by 2021. Charges at regional Class D airports will be more specific to location, with Coffs Harbour and Tamworth going up to $15.98 initially. Yearly increases vary for each location.

General aviation operators and recreational aircraft that total less than $500 in activity will continue to be not charged.

Airservices Australia is seeking industry feedback on the proposals before 11 September, after which Airservices will submit a draft pricing proposal to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The full pricing agreement and details on how to submit feedback are on the Airservices website.


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