• The sign says it all: CASA Director of Aviation Safety Pip Spence. (Steve Hitchen)
    The sign says it all: CASA Director of Aviation Safety Pip Spence. (Steve Hitchen)

CASA Director of Aviation Safety and CEO Pip Spence has acknowledged that the regulator needs to improve relationships and communication with the aviation community.

Commenting in the August 2021 CASA Briefing newsletter, Spence said relationships with the aviation community needed to be effective and productive.

"CASA needs to know about the challenges being faced by the aviation community and be made aware of emerging and evolving safety risks," she said. "To translate this engagement into practical outcomes, it is our job to listen. 

"By that I mean we must not make judgements on the views of others before asking questions and making sure we really understand the issues being raised. And, of course, we must be ready to act."

CASA has several formal engagement platforms including the online Consultation Hub, and the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) and associated Technical Working Groups. Despite this, many in the aviation community still believe CASA doesn't listen and often outcomes are pre-determined with the consultation just lip service.

"CASA already engages widely with the aviation community and my emphasis is intended to build and improve on these existing formal and informal communications," Spence said.

"My intention is not to create a whole new way of operating, but rather to strengthen the relationships and communication between CASA and the aviation community."

As part of a new communication strategy, Spence said CASA will circulate the CASA Briefing more widely, introduce a "Welcome to Aviation" booklet for new pilots and revamp the Visual Flight Rules Guide.

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