• The Vickers Wave is a carbon-fibre amphibious LSA. (Vickers Aircraft)
    The Vickers Wave is a carbon-fibre amphibious LSA. (Vickers Aircraft)

New Zealand-based Vickers Aircraft is targeting 20 July for the first flight of their prototype Wave amphibian.

The Wave is a two-place, carbon-fibre, high-wing amphibian powered by a 141-hp Rotax 915 iS turbo. The type has been in development for over 10 years.

"We're just fitting control columns and wiring looms at the moment," CEO Paul Vickers told Australian Flying. "Things are going in and not coming back out, so we're at the final fit-out stage."

Rotax 915 iS promises a 15,000-foot ceiling, 1400 fpm rate-of-climb, 120 KTAS max speed and an eight-hour endurance from the 189 litre tanks. The cockpit is being fitted with single-lever operation for the engine and CSU, and Garmin G3X avionics.

Although Vickers will certify the Wave in the LSA category, the aircraft has an MTOW of 839 kg, thanks to an exemption from the FAA. It has allowed the Wave to be something more than just the average LSA.

"We're terming it a light-sport plus," Vickers said. "It's a real aircraft that we've built to an FAR Part 23 standard: the design work, the FAA analysis; everything we've done is just in case light-sport changes for the worse, then we can just carry it straight into Part 23."

Vickers is confident the first deliveries will be made to customers within 12 months of the first flight.

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