• Diamond's DA50 RG high-speed single. (Diamond Aircraft)
    Diamond's DA50 RG high-speed single. (Diamond Aircraft)

Australian Diamond dealer Utility Air announced this week that it had secured two production slots for the Diamond DA50 RG for 2024 delivery.

The DA50 RG is a five-seat high-speed single powered by a Continential 300-hp diesel engine designed to take market share away from the all-dominant Cirrus SR22.

The two secured slots will be sold into Australia and New Zealand, and will be the first of type to be delivered to customers outside of North America or Europe.

“The Diamond DA50 RG is the aircraft we’ve been waiting for. It will allow us to reach the owners of high performance piston singles who have been unavailable to us before," said Utility Air Managing Director, Stephen Pembro.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this 300-hp retractable gear aircraft. It will do everything that a customer could desire, at a fraction of the operating cost of our competitors.”

Continental's CD-300 FADEC engine turns out 300 hp on take-off and 270 maximum continuous power, pushing the DA50 RG out to 181 KTAS and provides a useable load of 559 kg. Projected cruise fuel consumption is 34 lph of turbine fuel.

Utility has said that current 2022 pricing will be extended on initials orders.

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