• Utility Air's Diamond DA40 NG at the Canada factory. (Utility Air)
    Utility Air's Diamond DA40 NG at the Canada factory. (Utility Air)

Australian aircraft distributor Utility Air is planning a demo tour of the diesel-powered Diamond DA40 NG towards the end of this year.

The aircraft, built specifically for Utility Air in Canada, will be based in Brisbane with the aim of touring Australia as COVID-19 border restrictions are eased.

"After the slowdown in flying and events caused by COVID-19, we are excited to be able to invest in the future of aviation in the region again," said Utility Air Director John Oppenheim. "Bringing this aircraft to our marketplace shows a commitment not just to Diamond, but also to all our prospective owners and customers in Australia and New Zealand.

"It is only through investment in the growth of aviation and marketing that we'll get back to where we all want to be ... flying."

Utility Air took over the Diamond distributorship for Australia and New Zealand 12 months ago after the brand was represented in the region by Hawker Pacific. Both Oppenheim and Managing Director Stephen Pembro have extensive experience with Diamonds from their time with Hawker Pacific and their enthusiasm for the aircraft has not diminished.

"This aircraft represents the future," Pembro said. "We've been selling them steadily now for over a year and Diamond is currently the Number Two manufacturer of light aircraft in the world.

"Bringing a cutting-edge DA40 NG into the country, which burns only 19.5 litre of Jet-A1 per hour and has state-of-the-art avionics, will help further cement Diamond as a favourite in our region.

"I can't wait to show the aircraft off."

The DA40 NG is fitted with a 168-hp Austro diesel engine and a three-blade MT constant-speed prop, giving the aircraft a top speed of 154 KTAS and a useful load of 410 kg. The avionics are Garmin G1000 NXi coupled to a GFC700 autopilot.

More information and tour updates will be available on the Utility Air website.

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