• Trig's new TX56/57 nav/comm unit. (Trig Avionics)
    Trig's new TX56/57 nav/comm unit. (Trig Avionics)

British manufacturer Trig Avionics has announced the release of a new nav/comm unit that completes the Trig radio stack series.

The TX56 family are slim units only 33 mm high, designed to fit into existing stacks without taking up too much space.

The TX56 is 10-Watt transmitter and the TX57 a 16-Watt unit for aircraft with 28-Volt power systems. Both use 8.33 kHz channel spacing, but 760-channel units are also available as the TX56A and 57A.

“Trig’s Nav/Com product family has landed," said Trig CEO Andy Davis. "Customers can now order their Nav/Com from our Approved Trig Dealers. We know customers are excited by the TX56 space saving form factor and its compelling list of pilot friendly features.”

The TX56 uses a bright high-resolution display, with clear presentation of navigation and communication information. All TX56 models have a built-in digital course deviation indicator (CDI). The nav function supports VFR and IFR navigation, including ILS approaches.

Trig designed the TX56 family to complete the Trig stack that also includes the TMA44 Audio Panel, TY96A VHF Radio and TT31 Mode S Transponder.

Trig’s has set the sell price of the TX56 at $US4715 and the TX57 at $US5405 plus applicable taxes.

More information is on the Trig Avionics website.

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