• Gold Coast's Australian Wings Academy is now owned by Tisdall Aviation Group. (Australian Wings Academy)
    Gold Coast's Australian Wings Academy is now owned by Tisdall Aviation Group. (Australian Wings Academy)

Queensland-based Tisdall Aviation Group (TAG) has added the Australian Wings Academy (AWA) to their growing stable of general aviation companies, the group announced today.

AWA becomes a sister company to Flight One, Flight One Academy, Flight Maintenance Australia and charter and FBO company Contrails.

TAG Chief Executive Lucas Tisdall said that acquiring AWA is part of a strategy of expansion.

“With the purchase comes an opportunity to expand our operating footprint into a second permanent campus, " he said. "Full-time CPL candidates at Wings will enjoy the opportunity to interact with our current student base, turbine charter operations, engineering school, brokerage and MRO platforms.

“We were drawn to the culture of personalised service within the VET sector that [outgoing owners] Phil Sweeny and Kingsley Mundey have sponsored, along with some additional benefits around the interoperability of the training fleets and team members."

Tisdall said the purchase is a strategic investment in the south-east Queensland region that will provide a portal for both domestic and international students to experience a broad range of activities in the GA and passenger transport sectors.

TAG has also brought Adelaide-based MRO Pulse Aero into the group and has hinted at further expansion through acquisition outside Queensland.

TAG is currently working with Archerfield Airport Corporation to develop a new facility intended to house Flight One’s Cirrus Training Centre, the Flight One Academy School of Aviation and the CASA Part 147-approved School of Engineering.

Tisdall said he expects the post-COVID-19 rebound in training activity will be well serviced by the new combined capacity the purchase affords.

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